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Walmart Launches New Technology Hub in Plano

Which multi-billion dollar conglomerate has made their way toward North Texas this time? I think the real question is, which one hasn’t?!

From the new Toyota headquarters in Plano, the Mercedes Benz financial center opening up in Fort Worth, and talks of DFW being in the top 5 potential cities to land retail giant Amazon’s second headquarters, it seems that the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex can’t lose.

Now to add to this list of business powerhouses, Walmart has made it’s way into the “good old boy” territory that is Dallas-Fort Worth.

walmartworkerWalmart employs over 2,000 people in the legendary technology space of Silicon Valley, but in their Plano office they have roughly 18 and will continue to expand throughout the fiscal year of 2018.

This is not Walmart’s first migration effort into Texas though. Back in February of 2018, the retail giant opened up a similar tech hub in Austin, Texas. This isn’t surprising since Austin is known for being on the cutting edge of all things tech and often times referred to as a “mini Silicon Valley” or “Silicon Valley junior”.

Walmart has plans of doing renovations on over 45 of their Texas stores and opening 4 new locations. One of the new locations will be right here in our backyard, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Walmart has been a long time investor into the technology space and so it is only right that they continue their efforts by opening offices designated towards these initiatives in an area such as North Texas, which is an aggressively expanding business and tech giant itself.

It seems as though there are talks of the office doing heavy recruiting from The University of Texas at Dallas. This is also not very surprising seeing as how the University is one of the top research schools in the state and produces nothing short of highly qualified alum with high aptitude in business.

With an already booming corporate job market, the addition of a Walmart tech hub in the area won’t be anything less than an excellent benefit towards that same cause.


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