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‘Finally Forbes’ millennial startup founder, Tazwell Ringer, tells LUXCAP about his transition from Hip Hop producer to venture capitalist

"My view on money is a little bit different", Ringer told LUXCAP,  "I don't view it as an actual thing, per se. I view it as a leverage."

Summer 2018 – LUXCAP got the chance to sit down with one of the newest faces in the Venture Capital startup space in Atlanta, GA, Tazwell Ringer.

Ringer attended Hampton University who studied business management.
He collaborated with Grammy award winning artist Kid Cudi on some of his most well known work.
Ringer has also worked with other popular artist as well.
Straight out of college Ringer received a music production internship and used the opportunity as leverage to open the door for his future in the music industry.
He tried rapping for a little bit, but quickly began to feel that he was not seeing the monetary gain he needed, so he began to explore more lucrative options.
He decided to enterprise for himself by
buying 5500 sqft of commercial real estate space in downtown
Atlanta, Georgia.
He turned his first real estate purchase into a music and production studio equipped with an audio visual space for shooting high quality videos.
Ringer was able to sell studio time and media services out of his newly acquired space which caused a rise in the value of his business and his brand.
After operating for a total of 4 years, Tazwell Ringer was approached by a buyer inquiring about the potential acquisition of his company.
Once contract agreements were finally reached Ringer completed selling off his brand, his operations, and his actual studio space in a multi-million dollar overhaul.
After the acquisition of his business, including the physical real estate space, the profits provided him with the funds to finally begin his transition into the venture capital sector. Tazwell felt that the vc space
was the best area for a broker such as himself to operate in, due to him not wanting to be with one business for 20-30 years.
He felt that the medium range turnover of companies being bought and sold  kept things exciting.
The name of the vc is Ringer and Company Inc.
Under this corporation are his other subsidiaries.
“My view on money is a little bit different”, Ringer told LUXCAP,  “I don’t view it as an actual thing, per se. I view it as a leverage.”
One of the businesses  that he is growing due to him leveraging his profits from selling his music studio, is a franchise of food trucks. In a 2015 economic poll, it was found that the food truck industry was valued at $856.7 million dollars, so there is definitely money to bemade by an investor with a new perspective and a talent for creativity.
His hope with the venture is to eventually be able to give back to HBCU’s and push for university initiatives which continue to advocate entrepreneurship.


Finally Forbes is the second subsidiary managed by his vc which is an independent/a la carte record label. At his label, Tazwell offers independent artist the services that they need from public relations initiatives, to advertising and marketing.
Finally Forbes also helps them create the music, do their distribution and get played through all of the major outlets from Apple to Amazon to Tidal.
Tazwell was also concerned about the fact that many artist miss the steps of accounting/finance and business law (LLC, DBA, Intellectual Property etc). Recognizing this gap,  Finally Forbes decided to also help artist manage their deals on the front end so that it doesn’t ruin them on the back end.
Tazwell really honed in on the fact that a lot of independent artist don’t realize they’re starting a small business when they start their career as an artist, so helping them structure their business is a huge priority of Finally Forbes.
His newest artist Visto, will be opening up for Currensy at the Summer 2018 Rolling Loud Festival.
Ringer has also signed a producer by the name of 2Tall and is looking forward to developing more artist in the future and expanding his role in the Atlanta music and business development space.
-Stay Lux!

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