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CRYPTO CAPITAL: Coinbase Adds 5 New Coins to their Assets

July 13, 2018 –  Less than 5 hours ago, Coinbase announced they are in the works of adding 5 new coins to their database of cryptocurrencies. The company tweeted a press release listing off the following new coins:

  • Cardano (ADA)

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)

  • Stellar Lumen (XLM)

  • 0x (ZEC) 

  • ZCash (ZRX)


Unlike Ethereum Classic, these 5 coins will require additional exploratory initiatives therefore Coinbase says they cannot guarantee that all 5 of them will be up for trade.

Coinbase also  up the potential for new boundaries to be set within the user interface of their site. These included:

  • Some of the assets being listed solely for customers to buy and sell,without the ability to send or receive using a local wallet.
  • Enable only certain ways to interact with these assets through their site, such as supporting only deposits and withdrawals from transparent Zcash addresses.
  • Some of these assets may now be offered in other jurisdictions prior to being listed in the US.

Coinbase states that users can anticipate signs of engineering work being completed on the back end, such as an increase in public facing ATI’s. Coinbase also says that in the upcoming time the public can look forward to there being more announcements similar to this one about their exploratory efforts in additional coins; even after today’s asset expansion announcement.



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